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Bright, bright day
by Andrey Tarkovsky
First edition 3000 copies in English
isbn 978-0-9557394-1-5
2000 copies in Russian language
isbn 978-0-9557394-2-2
Published in 2007 by
White Space Gallery Ltd
St Peter's, Vere Street
London W1G 0DQ
and The Tarkovsky Foundation,
Florence, Italy
Photographs © Andrey A. Tarkovsky.
All rights reserved
Texts by Andrey Tarkovsky
© Andrey A.Tarkovsky. All rights reserved
Texts by Arseniy Tarkovsky
© Arseniy Tarkovsky Estate. All rights reserved
Polaroids edited by Stephen Gill
Book design by Melanie Mues,
Mues Design, London
Translation from Russian
by Kitty Hunter-Blair
Text edited by Kitty Hunter-Blair
Printed by Die Keure, Belgium

With thanks to Layla Gareth-Alexander

No part of this book may be used or
reproduced in any manner without
written permission of the publishers

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